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  Chapel    Hill    Ministry

  Mission - Empowerment          Message - Gospel       Field - World

P.O. Box 82 - 80300,

     Voi  Kenya  E.A.

Email: flyin[email protected]

Cell: +254 732655449


Welcome to Chapel Hill Ministry

We welcome you to our great website portraying some issues concerning ministry in Africa particularly Kenya. Some of the major ministry's events are helping to educate orphans, and helping the poor in general; and the propagation of the gospel under harsh conditions in places like Maasai land. Have you ever known what it means to send the gospel in the jungles of Africa? In Maasai land it means praying and praising God under a tree; while the lions are watching at you. Check us out here ......... (Missions).

Some pages will touch on the predicaments of the Maasai girl child occasioned by traditions and culture. Such culture hurt the future of the Maasai girl child. This is where we peacefully resist these odd traditions like FGM/C with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The early marriage of a Maasai girl child aged between 10 - 15 years to an elderly man of over 50 plus years is a retrogressive culture. We also seek your support in this area to send such girls to boarding schools.

We are supporting orphans and educating them as we preach in these poverty stricken areas. Aids has worked big havoc on the nomadic communities and many orphans are left unattended. As a result children engage in child labor and prostitution. We solicit for a helping hand from well wishers to support all our programs. Check us out on this tab here ....(Get Involved).

Apostle Dr. Elias John Kombo

CEO & Founder


Photos by: Thomson Safaris

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