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  Chapel    Hill    Ministry


   Mission - Empowerment       Message - Gospel       Field - World

P.O. Box  82- 80​300, Voi. Kenya


Cell: +254 732655449

Photo Gallery

Archbishop Dr. John Elias Kombo Archbishop Dr. John Elias Kombo 183756188 Rev. Pauline Kombo 183756189 Bishop Ole Mwangi 183756190 Bishop William Githiga 183756191 Bishop Shali Maureen 183756192 Dr. John Kombo 183756193 ++ Dr. John Elias Kombo & CEO Chapel Hill Ministry 183756194 Dr. John Elias Kombo Founder of VEM 183756195 183756196 183756197 Archbishops of Sudan USA, , & Kenya 183756198 183756199 Rev. Jorum Ali Mombasa 183756200 Maasais in the Bush Maasais in Ngatataek worshiping under the tree while the lions are watching. 183756201 Victoria Mwalukuku A miracle child who came through prayers 183756202 183756203 183756204 183756205 Archbishop Dr. John Elias Kombo 183756206