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Message from Apostle Dr. Elias John Kombo

We welcome you to our great website portraying some issues concerning ministry in Africa, particularly Kenya. Some of the major ministry’s events are helping to educate orphans, helping the poor in general; and propagation the gospel under harsh conditions in places like Maasai land. Have you ever known what it means to send the gospel into the jungles of Africa? In Maasai land it means praying and praising God under a tree; while the lions are watching at you. Some pages will touch on the predicaments of the Maasai girl child occasioned by traditions and culture. Such culture hurt the future of the  future of the Maasai girl child. This is where we peacefully resist these odd traditions like FGM/ C with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The early marriages of a Maasai girl child aged between 10-15 years to an elderly man of over 50 plus years in a retrogressive culture.  We also seek your support in this area to send such girls to boarding schools.

The early marriage of a Maasai girl child aged between 10 – 15 years to an elderly man of over 50 plus years is a retrogressive culture. We also seek your support in this area to send such girls to boarding schools. We are supporting orphans and educating them as we preach in these poverty-stricken areas. Aids has worked big havoc on nomadic communities and many orphans are left unattended. As a result, children engage in child labor and prostitution. We solicit a helping hand from well-wishers to support all our programs


40 Years Of Experience

Who we are

The Chapel Hill Ministry holds the Holy Scriptures as contained both in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, as the rule of our faith and practice. We believe that governments are God-given institutions for the benefit of mankind.

Law Abiding

We admonish and exhort our members to honor the rulers, magistrates, and civil authorities, and to respect and obey civil laws. Being God-fearing, peace-loving, and law-abiding people, we claim our heritage and natural right to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience and faith in God.

Development Minded

We, therefore, make provisions for fellowship, for the purposes of worshiping the Almighty God, and we initiate help for orphans. We project to build schools and hospitals including charitable community centers and development projects. We hereby assume our share of responsibility in the gospel propagation, both at home and abroad. We wish to welcome friends, and well-wishers from all over the world; to network and affiliate with us whenever possible, to achieve our objectives. 


BL 101 – Old Testament Survey

BL 102 – New Testament Survey

BL 104 – Pentateuch

BL 105 – Book of Acts

BL 106 – Hermeneutics

BL 108 – Galatians & Romans

BL 110 – Gospel of John

BL 118 – Genesis

BL 117 – Hebrews

BL 113 – Major Prophets


TH 201 – Bible & The Church

TH 202 – Theology Proper/ Angelology

TH 203 – Pneumatology

TH 204 – Christology

TH 205 – Soteriology

TH 209 – Old Testament Theology

TH 222 – Apologetics

TH 223 –  Demonology (Demons)

Church Ministries

MN 301 – Evangelism Today

MN 304 – Principles of Preaching

MN 306 – Marriage & Family

MN 308 – Pastoral Ministries

MN 313 – Introduction to Missions

MN 314 – Divine Healing & Deliverance

MN 315 – Christian Counseling

MN 316 – Understanding Islam

MN 323 – Agape & Human Relations

General Education

GE 403 – Introduction to Psychology

GE 406 – General Physical Science

GE 407 – Introduction to Sociology

GE 409 – World Religions

GE 415 – Principles of Teaching

GE 434 – Church History

General Electives

GE 418 – Christian Leadership

GE 405 – How to Speak in Public

MN 205 – African Christian Ethics

BL 204 – Gospel of Matthew

BL 205 – Gospel of Mark

BL 206 – Gospel of Luke   

Other courses

GE 101 – Human Sexuality

TH 207 – Eschatology

MN 317 – Worship a Biblical Survey

MN 319 – Introductions to Church Music

MN 320 – Youth Ministry

BL 111 – Corinthians

BL 116 – Minor Prophets