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  Chapel    Hill    Ministry

  Mission - Empowerment          Message - Gospel       Field - World

P.O. Box 82 - 80300,

     Voi  Kenya  E.A.

Email: flyin[email protected]

Cell: +254 732655449

Minister Beverly Ferrell

Foreign Mission Secretary

Baltimore Maryland - USA 

Barbara Rose USA - Toledo Ohio

Chapel Hill Ministry 

Rose Villasfer Bautista - Taiwan

Chapel Hill Ministry

Bishop John Kutosi

Affiliate Ugandan Bishop

Foreign Mission

I am Minister Beverly Farrell, who is ordained by Chapel Hill Ministry, under the bishopric of Archbishop Dr. Elias John Kombo. I have been appointed by Chapel Hill Ministry's House of Bishops to the office of Foreign Mission General Secretary. I was given the keys to the capital city of Kenya Nairobi, for easy facilitation of God's work in Kenya.

As the international patron, in charge of sourcing funds for building orphanages, schools, churches and feeding the street people; I wish to appeal to men and women of good will to stand with us. Feel free to donate funds and any materials in kind, for educating, sheltering, and feeding and treating the orphans and buiding the necessary facilities.

There are many people who have been looking for an opening to give to the poor through proper and identified channels, or even write their wills towards God's work and the furtherance of charitable acts. This is the most opportune time to stand and be counted with Chapel Hill Ministry of Kenya. We welcome you to click our..Contact

We will appreciate your support in this philanthropic call to serve our fellow men and women. My duties include among others to sit in the board of Chapel Hill Ministry and advise on foreign mission and related policies.

C.H.M. American Affiliate

I am here to challenge all those people of good will and who are willing to stand with me to raise funds in support of the poor Orphans necessitated by the Aids pandemic across Africa.

I am a friend of Chapel Hill Ministry Kenya and I stand to partner with Apostle Dr. Elias John Kombo and his ministry, who have stood with me and touched my life through their prayers which have proved very beneficial to me. I thank God for Dr. Kombo and Chapel Hill Ministry who are ministering to the whole man worldwide.

I intend to work with elderly people in ministry. My part is to raise the much I can through friends and the general public. I count it a big privilege to serve my fellow man through sharing that which I have. Join me in this Chariot. 

Together we can do more. Come along with me to help the Senior citizens worldwide through Chapel Hill Ministry. ...Click to..... Contact Us

Our Taiwan & Philippines - Affiliate

I am Rose Villasfer Bautista a friend of Chapel Hill Ministry under the helm of Apostle Dr. Elias John Kombo. In the Far East & Philippines we are great believers in supporting the poor and orphans. The great number of orphans in Kenya and Eastern Africa is occasioned by the Aids epidemic which ravished the area around late eighties and the nineties.

We are inviting all well wishers and people of good will from the East and Far East to stand with us as we support the poor friends and the orphans under the care of Chapel Hill Ministry. I am a friend of the orphans and the fatherless. As a woman and a mother I know what it means to support the orphans and taking care of the fatherless children. 

I appeal to all fathers and mothers of good will to stand with Dr. Kombo in caring for the orphans under the care of Chapel Hill Ministry in Kenya. Let us serve our God and neighbor with a smile.

I have chosen to sponsor this cause, championed by Chapel Hill Ministry of Kenya, as a subservient arm of spreading the gospel to mankind. I have chosen to stand with Apostle Dr. Elias John Kombo a friend in Christ, who is leading the appeal to support the poor Orphans to reach their destiny.

Kindly click the Donate icon on the left and send as much as God leads you to. You can also take part of your wealth to support the orphans. Contact us for further directions......Click Contact Us 

Our Ugandan Affiliate

I am Bishop John Kutosi an associate and Prayer partner of Apostle Dr. Elias John Kombo and Chapel Hill Ministry for many years representing this ministry in the region of Eastern Uganda Mbale city. We work in synergy and we thank God in this network in ministry.