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  Chapel    Hill    Ministry

  Mission - Empowerment          Message - Gospel       Field - World

P.O. Box 82 - 80300,

     Voi  Kenya  E.A.

Email: flyin[email protected]

Cell: +254 732655449


Ministry In Maasai Land

Take time and visit our mission field in Maasai land near the Amboseli Game Reserve. Here you will see the Maasai praying and worshiping God under trees, while the jungle lions are watching. What a 'glorious' site ! You do not know what it feels like to be a missionary among the Maasai. Welcome to Maasai land and get involved.

Donate to evangelize Maasai and stop FGM/C and girl child early marriages aged 10-15 years, to old men of 50+ years.

                                 Maasai Elderly Herdsman

Make-shift church structure in Maasai land

Welcome to Maasailand - 'Hakuna Matata'

These are the young Maasai women who are being harassed by the FGM culture and early marriages to elderly Maasai men.