We have great projects among the communities we serve to elevate them and spread the word of God to them. Our projects are aimed at touching lives as we minister to them to address issues such as poverty, supporting FGM victims, helping orphans, supporting the poor, needy and widows in the community.

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Your support is invaluable to the Chapel Hill Ministry and the community that we are serving through the projects outlined below.

Advocacy on FGM cut Prevention

Our program includes coming up with preventative measures to protect Maasai  girl child from inhuman traditions of FGM/C and early marriages from age 9-15 years. 


Our Work

Maasai Gospel Chariots

We are in this part of Kenya reaching the Maasai with the Gospel in the bush and praying with them under the trees. The solution to their problems is found in Christ. It is a shocking experience to see the Maasai men and women praising God under the trees while the lions are watching. You have never known what it means “going to the whole world,” if you have never been to Maasai land. Come with us to Maasai land – Join us in this chariot ! Let us join hands dear friends to reach many more nomads to Jesus Christ.  Donate below for a worthy cause.

Our Projects on Orphans

We have projects targeting orphans which includes supporting them through school and providing basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter in the communities we work with.

Community Projects

We have community projects with various groups such as widows, the elderly and most vulnerable in the community we serve. This projects are meant to uplift them as they continue with their journey of salvation through Jesus Christ, and encourage them by providing help with their basic needs and also activities that will help them generate income.

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We’re greatful for your continous support and donations. This will go a long way in helping the communities we serve as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.